A Bobbi Brown Afternoon Tea

When my friend Natalie sent me the link to a Bobbi Brown Afternoon Tea, she got an instant reply…YES!

Makeup + cakes = heaven in my mind, plus it had been a very long time since I’d enjoyed some ‘me time’ without mummy duties, so I couldn’t wait to indulge.

We met at the Bobbi Brown Covent Garden store for our complimentary Makeup Lesson. I was greeted by Jessica who was really friendly and helpful and happy to spend time with me, experimenting with new colours and giving me tips. I like to try new things, but I don’t think I’d normally be brave enough to try an orange lippy. I loved it! It really made my eyes pop and deserved a quick selfie…

New favourite lippy shade: Burnt Orange

Balthazar is a few shops away from the Bobbi Brown store which gave us chance to enjoy  a mini “here come the girls” moment after our makeover!
The restaurant has a great atmosphere and some amazing looking food. We were seated at a huge private booth and given menus to make our tea selections. The waiter asked if we were celebrating a special occasion, so we let him know it was an early birthday treat for Natalie.

When the tea arrived they presented her with a special selection of mini desserts on a plate, hand-decorated with ‘happy birthday’, which was a really lovely touch.

Then…the moment we had been waiting for…the cake stand arrived.
Wow, it did not disappoint!

The tiers included: (in order of importance of course) Bottom: finger sandwiches – selection of egg, salmon, chicken & pastrami. Middle: warm fresh scones with and without fruit. Top: Balthazar ‘Vintage Red’ kiss, a praline & mango-passion ‘Foundation Stick’, a Champagne-infused rhubarb ‘Shimmer Brick’ (omg amazing), a redcurrant ‘Pot Rouge’ macaroon with lemon Chantilly and a chocolate & blackberry ‘Gel Eyeliner’ sachertorte. Each one was just as amazing as it sounds.

The service was also fantastic. We were offered more of everything and they even let us take home a doggy bag (or should I say makeup bag) of a couple of our favourite cakes.

Seriously, go before this special experience ends on 29th September 2016!

One thought on “A Bobbi Brown Afternoon Tea

  1. Wow! Looks like you two luscious ladies enjoyed a luxury treat Afternoon Tea & Bobby Brown make up session 🍰💋xxx
    Well deserved ‘Mummy’s Me Time’


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