A children’s pamper party at home…

I still can’t quite believe that Annabelle has turned six! She has grown up so much in the last year and it really blows me away sometimes. Where did my baby go…?

This year Annabelle had her heart set on a pamper party for her birthday. I’m not sure where the idea came from, but she wanted it to include makeovers for all her friends and she wanted it at home on the day of her birthday. So, we did some research and came across Grumpy But Gorgeous Pamper Parties.

I gave them a call and spoke to a lovely lady called Naj who was really friendly and helpful and was happy to answer all my questions.

I explained that Annabelle was having a group of eight girls for her party and particularly wanted to pamper her friends, including make-up and nails. We discussed some packages and we decided to book the ‘Tween Spa Party Package’ which included robes for all the girls, individual foot spas, face masks and cucumbers, hand & arm massages, make-up, hair colour or glitter spray, hand & toe nail polish, tattoo transfers, party music, non alcoholic champagne, a chocolate fountain (double win for mummy!) and an end of party catwalk along a red carpet!

Here is the set up on the day before the girls arrived…

I am pleased to report that the party was a huge success and everything Annabelle had wished for. Her friends all said what a fun party it was.

To give you round up of all the fun they had on the day please scroll through all the photos below. I have also put together three top reasons why I believe choosing to do a pamper party at home is a great idea for your child’s birthday…

1. Themes – You can choose any theme and colours, which means you can create the party of your child’s dreams. Annabelle wanted a unicorn theme and wanted the main colour to be pink. The party host stocks a variety of themed props such as unicorn cushions or mermaid scale fabrics and by adding these items together with your own toys and accessories, you can easily transform a room in your home.

2. Save money – By holding the party at home you will be saving money on hiring a space or using a salon. We looked into these options when we started our party research and the salon parties worked out a lot more expensive and included a lot less!

3. You can relax – The final and most beneficial reason for choosing to throw a pamper party at home is that the party host does all the work for you! This allows you to actually relax and watch your children enjoy the party. Naj kept the party and the activities running smoothly and made sure that it was also mess free. She covered our carpets and furniture and even the chocolate fountain was well supervised. This is also taken away at the end of the party, so you don’t have to worry about washing up!

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